Super Bricks V2.5 for Maya

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Works for Maya 2015 and onwards (All Platforms: Windows, Mac & Linux)

With Super Bricks Tool - Procedurally create Complex & Organic looking Brick-walls within a matter Seconds & Minutes.. Define your Custom Base wall shapes using Nurbs mesh.. Lots of parameters to give you precise control over the look & design of you wall.

This tool will keep growing, so more useful features will be added on a timely basis.

Installation instructions can be found in the 'ReadMe' file within the download package. Also please read the EULA carefully once you download the package.

Only ONE Licensed copy to be used per computer. If you buying as STUDIO (small or large), and planning to use 'SuperBricks' on multiple PCs (say by a team of set-modellers) Then PLEASE CONSIDER buying multiple copies for each Computer. 

And don't Forget to have Fun :)

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