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FeathersCreator V1.0

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FeathersCreator is a Tool for helping create believable Bird-Feathers using Xgen for Autodesk Maya - works for Maya 2017 - 2020

Key Features -

  • Create Long Feathers, which sit on top of Modeled Feathers (nurbs mesh), so they deform with the feather-meshes. these act as Key feathers like Wings, Tails etc.

  • Create dense Short Feathers, which are distributed all over the Bird's body, these feathers would move with the deforming body/skin of the character and they are animated.

  • Create single-layer or multi-layer textures for the both Short & Long feathers, which help create realistic looking feather textures on any kind of bird.

  • Currently mainly compatible with Maya Xgen & Arnold Renderer.

    Here are some tutorials -

    Installation instructions Pdf can be found within the download package. Also please read the EULA included the package.

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FeathersCreator V1.0

5 ratings
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